The Sintered Metal Gear Specialist


Capstan is a world leader in high volume sintered metal manufacturing. The company combines proprietary technologies and unsurpassed engineering to deliver the highest standards in the industry. Our Manufacturing Capabilities include the following:


Compacting Equipment

Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses 4 to 825 Tons

Secondary Equipment

Roll Densification Process, C.N.C machining, grinding, honing, coining, rotary sizing, broaching, reaming, tapping, boring, vibratory finishing, steam treating, oil and resin impregnation, special gear deburring, assemblies, induction heat treat and welding.

Gear & Inspection Equipment

  • M&M Gear Measurement Equipment
  • Vision and Manual CMM's
  • Lead Error and Involute Profile Test Equipment
  • Tooth to Tooth & Total Composite Gear Analyzers
  • Micro / Macro Hardness Test Equipment
  • Complete Metallurgical Lab
  • Tensile Test Equipment
  • Magna Flux & Resonant Inspection

Tooling/Metallurgical & Design Capabilities

Complete in house tooling, design and full Metallurgical facilities.